SETBIR is a non-profit organization centered in Ankara which aims to develop dairy, meat, food industry and to support food processing industry to reach Europion Union standarts.

SETBIR also aims to raise the livestock sector and livestock industry to reach the level of global agrıcultural and livestock sector. By connecting the sector with government SETBIR works as a bridge for exchange of information.

The most important work topics of SETBIR are; raw material, food safety and informal production.

SETBIR’s Mission;

  • To follow the EU policy and regulations about meat and dairy sector and work to adapt these for Turkish meat and dairy sectors,
  • To make known Turkish meat and dairy sector in overseas,
  • To tell the new EU regulations to Turkish meat and dairy producers to adapt,
  • To collect information about meat and dairy sectors around the world and Turkey,

SETBIR is an association established in 1976 to develop the dairy and meat sector and related industry.

Who are the members of SETBIR?

The members of SETBIR which works in national and international level are dairy and meat enterprises.

SETBIR has two types of members, legal person or real person. The enterprises can have one or more members in SETBIR.

The Advantages of Being SETBIR Member

  • SETBİR, follows all the changes in EU legislation about meat and dairy and shares them with its members.
  • In the regulation preparations in Turkish Food Codex, SETBIR attends the regulation preparation meetings about meat and dairy and presents SETBIR’s members opinions in order to provide sectoral benefits.
  • It guides in econimical, social, technic and professional aspects to industrialists of milk and milk products and meat and meat products.
  • SETBIR, maintains an ambiance that the ideas are shared and non-competitive. It prevents unfair competition between its members or against its members. It protects common interests of its members and maintain cooperation between its members.
  • It maintains demand for the increasing production and supply and tries to increase export opportunities.
  • It supports the development of Turkish livestock farming and the development of qualified, competitive products in world markets.


  • UECBV (European Livestock and Meat Trades Union)
  • CLITRAVI (The Liaison Centre for the Meat Processing Industry in the European Union)
  • SPES EEIG (Spread European Safety) Consortium
  • UN Global Compact


  • National Milk Council (USK)
  • National Red Meat Council (UKON)
  • Federation of Food & Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF)
  • National Food Technology Platform (UGTP)
  • Turkish Quality Association (KalDer)

SETBİR Reference Projects:

SETBİR plays a part in national and international projects. So, SETBİR serves to improve production technologies and process conveniences and introduce new technologies in industries. For that purpose, there are EU projects in where SETBİR is partner or coordinator. SETBİR takes on tasks as membership of member committee and scientific committee and carrying out work packages in the projects where SETBİR participates actively.

La Federación Empresarial de Agroalimentación de la Comunidad Valenciana (Valencia Regional Food Business Federation) is composed of 36 associations representing a total of 2,800 companies, equivalent to more than 75% of the total number of companies present in the sector.

Our mission is to:

  • represent the Valencian food and agriculture sector.
  • serve as a point of connection between the food and agriculture sector and the Public Administration.
  • defend the interests of our associations and companies both within the Valencia Region and throughout other regions.
  • keep our members up to date with all the latest information relative to the sector.
  • promote the concepts of quality, training and innovation among our members.


On 5th March 1991, the Valencia Region`s provincial and regional agrofood sector associations decided to consolidate their relationships through the creation of a representational organization.

The resulting organization was named Federación Empresarial de Agroalimentación de la Comunidad Valenciana (Valencia Regional Agrofood Business Federation) and its stated aim was to become the sector`s representational voice in order to defend the sector?s interests and to transmit its concerns to the Regional Administration.

In 1991, FEDACOVA represented 5 associations and 174 companies. Today, the Federation has 36 member associations, which in turn represent 2,800 companies, more than 70% of the total number within the sector. This collective is responsible for generating 35,000+ and 60,000+ direct and indirect jobs, respectively, within the Valencia Region.


FEDACOVA is composed of 36 associations and 2,800 companies, which represent the majority of the sub-sectors within the Valencia Region´s agrofood sector. Some of these sectors are: Aquafarming, Poultry Farming, Meat products, Fruit and Vegetables, Dried Fruits and Nuts, Eggs and derivaties, Honey, Dairy products, Sauces etc.


In addition to acting in representation of the interests of those companies pertaining to the agrofood sector, FEDACOVA is dedicated to maintaining close contact with our associates´ daily reality. With this aim in mind, the Federation offers a wide range of useful services to our member associations and companies.

  • Legal Consultancy.
  • Labour Consultancy.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Quality Control and Management.
  • Training.
  • Periodic information of matters of interest to the sector.
  • Attendance at national and international trade fairs and congresses.
  • Presentation of workshops and conferences on matters of general and sectorial interest.


To form part of FEDACOVA is to belong to one of the Valencia Region´s leading Federations. It means participating in the projection of the sector and counting on the support of a solid representation before local, regional, national and international Administrative bodies. It means receiving training and information related to the latest developments within the sector. FEDACOVA provides union, guarantee and prestige to its associates.