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The Closing Meeting within Civil Society Dialogue Food Safety Project was carried out in Istanbul!

05/12/2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

SETBIR’s Food Safety project that is carried out with Spanish non-governmental organisation FEDACOVA within EU Civil Society Dialogue Programme reached almost 3 thousand consumers and SME employees in food sector.

Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialist and Producers of Turkey (SETBIR) informed consumers and SMEs about food safety through the “food safety” project carried out within the European Union (EU) Civil Society Dialogue Programme.

The project which aims to provide high level cooperation between non- governmental organisations for food sector in Turkey and EU member states within the process of Turkey’s EU membership and to raise awareness among SMEs and consumers about food safety and food additives started on 15 February 2016. SETBIR’s partner is “Valencia Regional Food Business Federation” (FEDACOVA) from Spain in the project.

Firstly, preliminary preparations about the trainings to be given to consumers and SMEs were made in the opening meeting where authorities of Ministry for EU Affairs and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and representatives of meat and dairy sector were attended. In this context, a sector report on food safety and food additives that are used in food sector was prepared, thereby researches about production processes, packaging, labelling, transportation and storage were done. On the basis of this report, two different training modules were created for SMES which is about food safety and food additives on meat and milk and for consumers which is about food safety, food additives and labelling.

A project web page (www.gidaguvenligiprojesi.org) was created in order to actively disseminate the project, announce the activities and actions and distribute the published consumer and SME training modules. The web page was visited around 19 thousand times till today.

During the preparation of the training modules, two meetings were done with the project partner FEDACOVA, one of them is in Valencia, the other one is in Ankara. So, the best practices were seen and exchange of ideas was had. And also, opinions about the training modules from project contributors, universities and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock authorities were taken.

After all preparations were completed, trainings were organised for SMEs in Istanbul and Izmir, for both consumers and SMEs in Ankara. Approximately 3 thousand people from non-governmental organisations, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and SMEs benefited from these seminars.

Prof. Dr. Barbaros Ozer who is Head of Milk Technology Department at Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture provided these trainings. In the training seminars that were done interactively, definition and importance of food safety, rick factors that threaten food sector were mentioned. In addition, information about food safety regulations and food safety management systems were given.

Consumers were informed about food safety, food additives and label reading and also SMEs were informed about food safety implementation, labelling and food additives in meat and dairy sector in the trainings. It was actually confirmed how much information on food safety was missing according to the questions that were asked by consumers during the training seminar. On the other hand, it was understood that they more believe evaluations out of being scientific on media. It was seen that consumer don’t understand information of some contents which are written on product label, they would like especially some contents like salt, sugar, fat to be written cognisably.

According to this result was gotten from the seminar, it was reasoned that the consumer trainings should be repeated to reach more people.

Food safety implementations, details of HACCP system, model HACCP plans for meat and dairy sectors were mentioned in the training seminars to SMEs. Information on biofilm formation in food enterprises, waste management, food safety and bioterrorism were given in the seminars. At the end of the seminar in where the information on recently published “Regulation on Turkish Food Codex Food Labelling and Consumer Informing”, “Regulation on Turkish Food Codex Nutrition and Health Statements” were touched, feedbacks were received about using of the information that was taken from training seminars by SMEs in the meat and dairy sectors.

The project that is cooperation with related ministries, non-governmental organisations and universities is finalised on 14 May 2017.



8:00 am - 5:00 pm