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The Consumer Training Seminar within Civil Society Dialogue Food Safety Project was carried out in Ankara!


The first training seminar that is for consumers of “Food Safety” project under Civil Society Dialogue Programme which is co-funded by European Union and Turkish Republic was carried out on 26th of October, 2016 in Ankara/Turkey. High level of participation was provided for the seminar that was in Holiday Inn Hotel- Cukurambar. Seminar which was carried out by participation of administrators and members of Federation of Consumer Associations and Consumer Rights Association, students from university, sector representatives, authorities of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Ministry for EU Affairs, academicians and presses aimed at reaching the exact information to consumers.

The seminar was given by Prof. Dr. Barbaros Ozer who is Head of Milk Technology Department at Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture and Chairman of Academic Advisory Committee. Opening speech of the seminar was made by Tarık Tezel, Board Chairman of SETBIR. Referring to food safety in his opening speech, Tezel said that food safety systems drive forward “food safety from farm to table” approach that is an effective way to reduce food-borne dangers. He also stated that basic approach to avoid food-borne dangers should be scrutinised all the steps in food chain from raw materials to food consumption and should make essential implementation of control measures. Tarık Tezel stated that food-borne problems affect not only human health, but affects also economic and social structures of countries. In addition, he emphasized that all the people have rights to buy and consume foods that are sustainable, safety, reasonably priced, high quality, able to improve healthy nutrition habits and it is the fundamental human rights of modern world. Tezel said: “The rapid rise of world population and therefore fundamental changes in process of food production and consumption incidental to increase of urbanization and changes in food sources can lead to prolongation of food chain, appear new dangers or increase of severity of existing dangers. That’s why food safety approach is one of the system that should be applied in every countries in order to provide the public welfare in terms of health and economically. Even food safety issue falls within priority subjects that were asked from all candidate countries as a pre-accession strategy of European Union (EU) where Turkey has membership process. For the very reason SETBIR members have taken on a task of carrying out of a project under EU Civil Society Dialogue Programme in order to create awareness on food safety that is our priority issue for consumers and SMEs.”

After the opening speech of Tarık Tezel, the training seminar was started by Prof. Dr. Barbaros Ozer. Information on food safety and importance of it, food additives, labelling and the related regulations was given. Information pollution about these issues and misdirection of the consumers by nonspecialists were emphasized and it was highlighted that the statements in media should be based on scientific basis. In addition, the best practises in developed countries were mentioned. It was touched on what safety food is, within this scope, points to consider for shopping, points to take into account in steps such as storage conditions and cooking process. Besides that, Prof. Dr. Ozer remarked 10 frequent mistakes in food consumption. Information about food additives, “E Codes” was given to consumers. It was focused on the importance of label reading and was listened the difficulties that were told by consumers.

Ozer who made a statement about especially milk upon request said that pasteurized milk has prolongation shelf life as a result of technological developments in systems used for milking, storage and processing and there is no use of chemicals. Ozer also said that the pasteurization process in dairy plants keep nutritional value of milk better than boiling application at home. After referring to reliability of traditional products such as cheese, Ozer highlighted that traditional products can be one of the most important wealth by implementation of safety measures that take from European Union in Turkey.

In the seminar which attracted great interest by participants, the important questions were asked by consumers and based on that, questions on consumer’s mind were answered with the correct answers.  Two- sessions training seminar was completed successfully.

About Food Safety Project

The project that is carried out by SETBİR aims to strengthen communication and collaboration between non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that work about food safety and food additives. The project that takes place in partnership of Valencia Regional Food Business Federation (FEDACOVA) of Spain is performed in Ankara, Izmir, İstanbul and Valencia.

In the project, providing the collaboration between NGOs belong to food sectors in Turkey and EU, raising awareness for SMEs and consumers about food safety and food additives are aimed within Turkey’s EU process.

Organising the trainings and seminars which aim to give exact and essential information about food safety and food additives to SMEs and consumers has planned within the project. In the same time, getting information about EU member countries implementation of food safety and food additives, regulating good practises examples and transferring them to related groups via training, seminar and internet have provided.

About Civil Society Dialogue Programme:

Civil Society Dialogue Programme was improved as a platform that makes together societies to know each other and to exchange the information. Thereby NGOs from Turkey and EU member countries league together in the common issues.

Civil Society Dialogue Programme that is co-funded by Turkish Republic and European Union within The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) is carried out by Ministry for EU Affairs. Central Finance and Contract Unit is a contract authority and the programme has different subjects and NGOs since 2008.

About Civil Society Dialogue Programme 4. Phase: More than 200 organisations from 21 different countries make actual 80 dialogue projects. Financial support 11 million Euro about environment; energy; consumer and health protection; justice, freedom and security; right of establishment and freedom to provide services; regional policy and coordination of structural instruments; enterprise and industrial policy; agriculture and fisheries and education. So the financial support for the dialogue projects until present is more than 42,5 million Euro. Number of partnership in all programmes with EU’s projects that spread to 9 policy spaces is approaching to 600.

For the detail information about Civil Society Dialogue Programme, you can call 0090 312 428 477 4-75 and you can follow the web site www.siviltoplumdiyalogu.org.

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