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The Opening Meeting of Food Safety Project

04/12/2016 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


The opening meeting of Food Safety Project under Civil Society Programme which is co-financed by European Union and Turkish Republic is done on 12 April 2016, between 10:00- 12:00 in Ankara Çukurambar Holiday Inn Hotel, Turkey.

The project is conducted by Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey (SETBİR) is aimed to improve communication and cooperation between non-governmental organisations in Turkey and EU countries in the fields of food safety and food additives.  The project that is in partnership with Valencia Regional Food Business Federation (FEDACOVA), Spain will be implemented in Ankara, İzmir, İstanbul and Valencia.

The project is aimed to raise awareness to SME’s and consumers and establishment of strong links and a high level cooperation between civil society in Turkey and the EU Member State Spain through civil society dialogue in the area of food Safety & Additives where civil society dialogue is particularly valuable for Turkey’s successful accession to the EU.

Nowadays, many statements about food safety and food additives in both visual and printed media are made. Most of these statements are not based on a scientific foundation. Within the project, it is planned to have trainings and seminars about food safety and food additives which gives exact and useful information especially to consumers. In the same time, it will be provided to have information about implementations of EU Member States for food safety and food additives and to organize best practice implementations. And then these information will be transferred to related groups via training, seminars and networking.

Programme of Food Safety Project Opening Meeting/ 12 April 2016

Opening meeting of the Project started with registration at 10 o’clock in 12 April 2016. The first speaker was SETBİR’s board chairman Tarık Tezel. Tarık Tezel started his speech with the welcome to all guests and gave some information about SETBİR. He spoke of the advantages of the Food Safety Projects to food sector. After Tarık Tezel’s speech, Director of the Ministry of European Union Affairs, Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries, Gökhan Aralan mentioned about Civil Society Dialogue Programme and he emphasized that the necessity of the adopting EU standards in the chain from field to fork. After that, Director of the Ministry of European Union Affairs, Directorate of Project Implementations Unit Bülent Özcan talked about Civil Society Dialogue Programmes from past to present and he added that they are pleased to SETBİR’s attention for this programme.  Finally, Deputy of General Secretary of SETBİR, Elif Yücel gave information about the aim, targets and implementations of Food Safety Project.

About Civil Society Dialogue Programme:

Civil Society Dialogue Programme was improved as a platform that makes together societies to know each other and to exchange the information. Thereby NGOs from Turkey and EU member countries league together in the common issues.

Civil Society Dialogue Programme that is co-funded by Turkish Republic and European Union within The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) is carried out by Ministry for EU Affairs. Central Finance and Contract Unit is a contract authority and the programme has different subjects and NGOs since 2008.

About Civil Society Dialogue Programme 4. Phase: More than 200 organisations from 21 different countries make actual 80 dialogue projects. Financial support 11 million Euro about environment; energy; consumer and health protection; justice, freedom and security; right of establishment and freedom to provide services; regional policy and coordination of structural instruments; enterprise and industrial policy; agriculture and fisheries and education. So the financial support for the dialogue projects until present is more than 42,5 million Euro. Number of partnership in all programmes with EU’s projects that spread to 9 policy spaces is around 600.

For the detail information about Civil Society Dialogue Programme, you can call 0090 312 428 477 4-75 and you can follow the web site www.siviltoplumdiyalogu.org .

Food Safety Project

Main Activities:

  • Researches on the production processes in the sector, packaging, labelling, transport and storage conditions are conducted.
  • A sector report on food safety and additives used in the food sector is prepared.
  • Training modules for SMEs on food safety in milk and meat and food additives are created.Training modules for consumers on food safety, food additives, and labelling are created. The results are published.
  • International meetings are held in both Turkey and Valencia.
  • Trainings for SMEs in İstanbul and İzmir, for both consumers and SMEs in Ankara.

Estimated results of the project:

  • Establishing network between social organizations from EU countries and Turkey that participate in the social dialogue and take under consideration Food Safety and Additives in food Industry,
  • Creation of educational module and curricula that will be represented via Seminars/web page,
  • Organization Training/ Seminar for SMEs & Consumers,
  • Prepared web page, invitation, posters, flyers about the project,
  • Organize two Training and best practice exchange International Meetings one in Turkey and one in Spain,
  • Food Safety and Additives Book for SMEs,
  • Food Safety and Additives Book for Consumers,
  • Database updated continuously and national-international level dissemination achieve.

In case of coming through the above stated results in the end of the project, accessing more correct information by consumer and SME’s are aimed.

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10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Holiday Inn Otel
İşçi Bloklari Mah. 1484 Sokak, No: 3 Çankaya
Ankara, 06330 Türkiye
+ Google Haritalar
0312342 5555